Quick search with smart keywords in Firefox

Quick search with smart keywords in Firefox

quick search specific site using the address bar



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Smart keywords are an easy way to search specific websites from the Firefox address bar. Instead of going to the target website and navigating to the search box, you can start your site specific search from any site using the address bar.

For example, suppose you are going to search stackoverflow.com on a regular basis. You can define a smart keyword such as sof, then you can search Stack Overflow for information right on the Firefox’s address bar. For example to search Firefox on Stack Overflow, you would just enter sof Firefox in the address bar. Notice the space between the smart keyword and the the search string.

search with smart keywords

  1. Visit the website that has the search box you want to use and right click on the search field.

  2. Select Add a keyword for this Search...:

    right click on the search field

  3. The Add Bookmark dialog box appears. You can edit the bookmark name, select the bookmark folder to contain this smart keyword, and enter the keyword that will be used for the search (e.g. sof).

    save the smart keyword as a bookmark

To use this created smart keyword bookmark, type the smart keyword (e.g. sof), then a space, and then the search string in the address bar and press Return.

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