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strongSwan root CA

Self-signed certificate for site-to-site strongSwan services. Private use only!

server addressregion(s)updated
dXMuaWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=Ashburn, US3 months and 4 weeks ago
a3IuaWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=Seoul, KR3 months and 4 weeks ago
aWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=US, KR3 months and 4 weeks ago

👉 See step-by-step configuration instructions here.

👉 macOS, iOS, and Windows 10 have native support for IKEv2.

🥳 Start from Android 12, IKEv2 is natively supported, no 3rd-party application required.

👉 For friends using elder Android versions, please use strongSwan-2.3.3.apk 👏. Note that you need to specify the Server ID to the server address you’ve chosen in Advanced Setting in case of failure of authentication…

📟 Or, check the 3rd-party service via the link. Sadly Android 12 don’t support L2TP anymore…

Encrypt DNS configs

On iOS 14 or macOS Big Sur devices you can download special .mobileconfig file that adds DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS servers to the DNS settings.

Here’s my configuration file for my private DNS-over-HTTPs service: doh.mobileconfig, proxied by

On Android, you can set the the Private DNS to cHVibGljLmRucy5mcmFua2luZGV2LmNvbQ== (base64, double click to reveal the address), with DNS encryption and ad filtering.