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strongSwan root CA

Self-signed certificate for site-to-site strongSwan services. Private use only!

server addressregion(s)updated
dXMuaWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=Ashburn, US7 months and 2 weeks ago
a3IuaWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=Seoul, KR7 months and 2 weeks ago
aWtldjIuZnJhbmtpbmRldi5jb20=US, KR7 months and 2 weeks ago

👉 See step-by-step configuration instructions here.

👉 macOS, iOS, and Windows 10 have native support for IKEv2.

🥳 Start from Android 12, IKEv2 is natively supported, no 3rd-party application required.

👉 For friends using elder Android versions, please use strongSwan-2.3.3.apk 👏. Note that you need to specify the Server ID to the server address you’ve chosen in Advanced Setting in case of failure of authentication…

📟 Or, check the 3rd-party service via the link. Sadly Android 12 don’t support L2TP anymore…

Encrypt DNS configs

On iOS 14+ or macOS Big Sur devices you can download and install a special .mobileconfig file that adds DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS servers encrypt your DNS requests.

Here’s my configuration file for my hosted DNS-over-HTTPs: doh.mobileconfig, proxied with

On Android, you can set the the Private DNS to cHVibGljLmRvdC5mcmFua2luZGV2LmNvbQ== (base64, double click to reveal the address), with DNS encryption and ad filtering.