Measure network speed on macOS

Measure network speed on macOS

native utils on macOS for network speed testing

After upgrading to macOS Monterey, you can simply measure your device’s Internet connectivity quality by executing:


which executes the following tests through Apple’s CDN network1:

  • upload/download capacity (basically your Tx/Rx bandwidth)
  • upload/download flows
  • upload/download responsiveness

This functions the same to the speed metric test like or

Sample test results:

❯ networkQuality
==== SUMMARY ====                                                                                         
Upload capacity: 13.838 Mbps
Download capacity: 45.311 Mbps
Upload flows: 20
Download flows: 20
Responsiveness: Low (88 RPM)


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HTML 相对路径和绝对路径区别分析

Web Notes


HTML 相对路径和绝对路径区别分析

HTML 初学者会经常遇到这样一个问题,如何正确引用一个文件。比如,怎样在一个 HTML 网页中引用另外一个 HTML 网页作为超链接(hyperlink),怎样在一个网页中插入一张图片。如果你在引用文件时(如加入超链接,或者插入图片等),使用了错误的文件路径,就会导致引用失效(无法浏览链接文件,或无法显示插入的图片等)。

Setup an IKEv2 server with strongSwan



Setup an IKEv2 server with strongSwan

IKEv2, or Internet Key Exchange v2, is a protocol that allows for direct IPSec tunnelling between networks. It is developed by Microsoft and Cisco (primarily) for mobile users, and introduced as an updated version of IKEv1 in 2005. The IKEv2 MOBIKE (Mobility and Multihoming) protocol allows the client to main secure connection despite network switches, such as when leaving a WiFi area for a mobile data area. IKEv2 works on most platforms, and natively supported on some platforms (OS X 10.11+, iOS 9.1+, and Windows 10) with no additional applications necessary.

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