Setup Google Analytics 4 with GTM

Setup Google Analytics 4 with GTM

setup GA4 with GTM

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest version of Google Analytics. Since I’m using the Google Tag Manager (GTM), just take a few steps to set up GA4 for my site.

Create a GA4 property in Google Analytics

  1. From the GA admin panel, select Create Property.

  2. Enter the property name and required details. Then click Create.

Create a Web data stream

  1. Select Web on the data stream setup screen.
  • To add more streams later, select Data Streams from the property-level admin panel.

  • If multiple distinct websites (different domains, different tracking requirements) needed, create separate data stream for each. Note that there are no “views” in GA4, only data streams and report filters.

  1. Enter the targeting website URL and a name for the stream. Leave the Enhanced Measurement defaults enabled.

  2. From the Data Streams screen, select the web stream and copy the Measurement ID, this is analogous to the old GA Tracking ID.

Create a GA4 configuration tag in GTM

  1. Add a new Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration tag in GTM.

  2. Enter the Measurement ID from the web data stream of GA4.

  3. Fire the tag on All Pages.

  4. Save and publish the new tag.

After publishing these changes, the data stream start populating in the Realtime report in the new GA4 property.



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