Summary of Operators in Java

Summary of Operators in Java

glance of operators in java

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This quick reference summarizes the operators supported by the Java programming language (JDK 8). More enhancements for Java operators, see JDK Release Notes for more information.

Simple assignment operator

=       Simple assignment operator

Arithmetic operators

+       Additive operator (also used for String concatenation)
-       Subtraction operator
*       Multiplication operator
/       Division operator
%       Remainder operator

Unary operators

+       Unary plus operator; indicates positive value (numbers are positive without this, however)
-       Unary minus operator; negates an expression
++      Increment operator; increments a value by 1
--      Decrement operator; decrements a value by 1
!       Logical complement operator; inverts the value of a boolean

Equality and relational operators

==      Equal to
!=      Not equal to
>       Greater than
>=      Greater than or equal to
<       Less than
<=      Less than or equal to

Conditional operators

&&      Conditional-AND
||      Conditional-OR
?:      Ternary (shorthand for if-then-else statement)

Type comparison operator

instanceof      Compares an object to a specified type 

Bitwise and bit shift operators

~       Unary bitwise complement
<<      Signed left shift
>>      Signed right shift
>>>     Unsigned right shift
&       Bitwise AND
^       Bitwise exclusive OR
|       Bitwise inclusive OR


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